Dematting is very timely and takes skill

Dematting is very timely and takes skill and patience on the part of your groomer. All pets cannot tolerate dematting and as necessary it may be determined by the groomer that your pet has to be shaved. If this is required, you will be contacted and consulted before any pet is shaved. If your pet does require dematting as stated before, this is very timely process and there will have to be an additional charge. An estimate for this service will be provided to you. As stated before it is not our intention to shave any pet and we will not do so unless requested by you or required.

Our Feline guests are housed in a separa

Our Feline guests are housed in a separate area in spacious cat condos. You may choose to upgrade your pet to a private suite equipped with a large day bed and satellite television. All exotics and small animals must bring their own enclosure. All guests are welcome to bring any personal items from home to make their stay more pleasurable.

Meet the staff! he friendly, professiona

Meet the staff!
he friendly, professional staff at Vinings Important Pets consists of individuals who are devoted to enhancing the beauty of your pet and caring for them while you are away.

We are fortunate to have been serving this community for over twenty years and welcome you if you are new to our family.

Teamwork is critical as we seek to serve you! From the very first person you speak to upon entering to the last person that wishes you and your pet well after your visit, our team works to make sure you and your pet are happy.

Join our family and share your experience with others!